Mel S. Harris and Associates, LLC ("MSH"), is a New York law firm with a primary practice of consumer debt collection, dedicated to providing comprehensive collection services to our clients. We are recognized as the preeminent consumer collection law firm in New York, and represent a range of clients, from global financial institutions to small business owners, in every market sector, including but not limited to financial, education, auto, health care, telecommunications, and technology. Due to our decades of experience and technological innovation, we are highly flexible in tailoring our consumer credit solutions to perfectly fit our clients' needs.

At MSH, we collaborate with our respective clientele in meeting their specific business objectives and strategies. We facilitate these goals through a highly skilled team of experienced Attorneys, Collection professionals, Finance specialists, Judgment Enforcement experts, first-class Verification staff, Skip Tracing personnel, and full-time in-house Computer Programmers that write all the proprietary cutting-edge software used by this firm. In regards to the software, it is not simply that this firm has automated certain aspects of human function or basic collection letters. Rather, our in-house programmers have built intelligent programs capable of taking an infinite number of steps to effectuate maximum returns on our clients' investments. These creative programs range from state of the art restraining notice and information subpoena automation, to complete litigation strategy, and comprehensive collection programming. For our clients' collective benefit, we are always attempting to stay one-step-ahead, thereby maximizing gains and quality assurance, while appreciably minimizing loss.

Although this firm is known industry-wide for our unsurpassed specialty in obtaining and enforcing judgments, we have also received recognition for our commitment to treating consumers with integrity and respect, as we attempt to find workable solutions. To this end, we have full-time compliance experts on-staff, including the Partners of the firm, all of which are active members of ACA's Member Attorney Program. Additionally, we have continuous in-house training, covering the essential elements of the FDCPA, FCRA, TCPA, TILA, and HIPPA.

Our top-quality collection personnel, state of the art software, and veteran attorneys provide best of class practices tailored to our clients' needs. If you are a prospective client and want to learn how we can serve you, please contact us.